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Supreme River Lord

It took much longer than I anticipated, but the game has been finished. The assignment required a horizontal shooter with a parallax background to be coded in external classes for Action Script 3. Since the class only meets once a week, it took much longer for problems to be ironed out. So, what I have for you is a survival side-scroller.
As promised: The full source code for this project can be found here.

The object of the game is to reflect bullets with your supreme squid body in order to protect the crystal circling around you. Collect the startfish to rescue them. Survive for 50 seconds and you'll win the game.

Supreme River Lord
Click here to play Supreme River Lord in your browser!

Controls: Left / Right / Up / Down Arrows to move.

While I cannot guarantee that I will have enough free time during the rest of the semester to make a game along with the weekly assignments, please take a look at the poll on the right and choose the best video game names. The winning names will be given extra attention when I have to code another game!


Meisefelix said...

Dynamite Walrus Nation FTW!!

Zoupic Music said...

this game fucking rocks!

KB said...

Great job! You should include some tutorials on flash & AS

Ross Andrew said...

died after 2 seconds lol then got bored

JDeebs said...

@Ross Andrew,

Yeah this isn't one of my best works. Try out the Space Invaders game though, it's much more polished.

Tasos said...

you made this? very good job! Too easy though. I've finished it from my first try. Keep it up, I want to see your work on Kongregate!

will follow and support for more updates:

sildude said...

This was actually pretty fun.

Innovations said...

this video game looks hilarious :D

GraffFhe said...

Nice dud'e! i like it! I want to learn how to make my own! xD but i got no time for that. Ok 'follow'

Golo said...


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