Video Game and Computer Programming

Greetings, Internet

DhurrWhile many of you may think this blog is just another page on the internet; I implore you to take a look around. With this blog, I will publish all of my feats accomplished over 4 years in college. I am currently a second semester freshman studying in Game Programming.

As I progress through the years, the "Works" tab in the navigation bar will host all sorts of different source codes and game types with different languages. So far you can find my C++ codes here, and my Flash Games here.


Anonymous said...

Interesting will follow because i'm just starting my major in computer science classes now.

MunAlderson said...

Definitely following, I'm going into general computer sciences next year, and I'm interested in how our programs will be similar/different

Adam said...

Post a preview of your work, would be wicked to know the designer of the next COD or TF2. And if you need a game tester, don't forget about your followers!

Sidewayz said...

interesting idea behind the blog, also a great way to use it as a portfolio after graduation to show off some previous work.

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