Video Game and Computer Programming

MaximumRocket - Test Release

In order to keep a better time-line of my progress with this game, I will be periodically releasing what I have so far. Thus, here is the first release. It isn't all that special, you have the choice of changing gravity and starting the launch. After launching the rocket, it will climb to a maximum velocity of 60 before gravity propels it back to the surface.

Play it now!

Spring Break Update

The reason for the lack of updates is due to the fact I am on spring break. My schedule may seem weird, but I get out of college at the end of April so deal with it. However I do bring some news! I have started to make a game called Maximum Rocket. The goal and operations of the game have not been finalized, seeing as though it's just a project I am going to work on in my free time. For now, the main objective is to achieve maximum altitude using different rocket parts and so forth.

For those interested, here is the splash screen so far (click to enlarge)