Video Game and Computer Programming

MaximumRocket - Test Release

In order to keep a better time-line of my progress with this game, I will be periodically releasing what I have so far. Thus, here is the first release. It isn't all that special, you have the choice of changing gravity and starting the launch. After launching the rocket, it will climb to a maximum velocity of 60 before gravity propels it back to the surface.

Play it now!

Spring Break Update

The reason for the lack of updates is due to the fact I am on spring break. My schedule may seem weird, but I get out of college at the end of April so deal with it. However I do bring some news! I have started to make a game called Maximum Rocket. The goal and operations of the game have not been finalized, seeing as though it's just a project I am going to work on in my free time. For now, the main objective is to achieve maximum altitude using different rocket parts and so forth.

For those interested, here is the splash screen so far (click to enlarge)

Supreme River Lord

It took much longer than I anticipated, but the game has been finished. The assignment required a horizontal shooter with a parallax background to be coded in external classes for Action Script 3. Since the class only meets once a week, it took much longer for problems to be ironed out. So, what I have for you is a survival side-scroller.
As promised: The full source code for this project can be found here.

The object of the game is to reflect bullets with your supreme squid body in order to protect the crystal circling around you. Collect the startfish to rescue them. Survive for 50 seconds and you'll win the game.

Supreme River Lord
Click here to play Supreme River Lord in your browser!

Controls: Left / Right / Up / Down Arrows to move.

While I cannot guarantee that I will have enough free time during the rest of the semester to make a game along with the weekly assignments, please take a look at the poll on the right and choose the best video game names. The winning names will be given extra attention when I have to code another game!

Source Codes and a Sneak peak

Hello again. My sincere apologies for such a late posting. I ran into a couple coding problems which set back development on the SRL game a bit, plus college weekends are quite distracting. However, I have gotten back into my groove and will be spending the majority of today coding this game.

Like I promised, here is the complete .fla file for The Space Invades: Download Me!
Everything should be included in the zip file. You can edit the code and redistribute it as much as you like.

Also, for those interested in looking at some C++ code, here is another assignment.
In short, the c++ file a typical "Guess the number" game. Input your name and the game will generate a random number between 1 and 100. Then it will track the number of tries it takes for you to guess the correct number, while also giving hints.

Click below for a preview of SRL!

What's On the Horizon

My most current game assignment is creating a side-scrolling shoot-em-up. The requirements are mostly the same as The Space Invades, however with the addition of a Parallax Effect. Using a handy website I found while browsing the internet (Video Game Name Generator), the name of the game is called Supreme River Lord. You take the roll of a flying squid and cause distress while flying down a river. A demo of this game will be available tomorrow.

Later tonight I will be releasing another C++ Assignment as well as the source code for The Space Invades.

Full Game - The Space Invades!

After 5 days of very enjoyable work, I transformed that horrific space invaders game into something that can actually hold your interest! Here are the full features of the game:
- 3 different weapon types
- Difficulty changes whenever a stage is complete
- Enemies move and fire back at you
- Random ufos tend to drop new lives when they explode
- Power-ups that increase ship/bullet speed
- Tracks shots fired and accuracy
- Points earned with every kill
- Sounds!

Space Invaders 2
Click here to play The Space Invades in your browser!

Controls: Left/Right Arrow to move, Space to fire.

I will be adding a new page to this blog to show the various programs / tools I use to gather resources and effects for my games.

Space Invaders Part 1

Please Read: I'll be publishing frequent posts in order to catch up with my current week in college. I have about 2 more weeks worth of game/code that needs to uploaded until the blog will be all caught up. Once it's all uploaded, this blog will most likely be updated twice a week - maybe more should I go on a coding rampage and bust out a game in a day (which I have done before).

Moving on, for my fourth week in Game Technology 1, our assignment was to simulate a space invaders game. It is not all that flashy or impressive in game-play, but it does serves a purpose for showing my progression.

Space Invaders 1
Click here to play the really bad game in your browser!

Controls: Left/Right Arrow to move, Space to fire.

Come back later tonight to see a fully completed Space Invaders game! The full version includes infinite levels, dynamic difficulty, 3 different weapon types, power-ups, moving enemies, and more thing that I probably forgot to mention.