Video Game and Computer Programming

(Week 5) Guess the Number
In short, the c++ file a typical "Guess the number" game. Input your name and the game will generate a random number between 1 and 100. Then it will track the number of tries it takes for you to guess the correct number, while also giving hints.

Get the full source code here..

(Week 3) First Upload with Basic File I/O and Input

As a first C++ to publish to the web, I decided not to share my first ever program. Everyone knows what "Hello, World!" is and sure it had its history. The first program I share with you is simple in design.
Firstly it asks for your name and a number to seed  random numbers. It then outputs a file containing that information and re-reads it to display the text. Not too difficult, but it is progress.

Get the full source code here.